Pasture Raised Chicken

Fresh and Delicious, available starting June 29, 2021

Our slow grown, pasture raised chicken was a huge hit this year, so we have plans to have even more available for the summer and fall of 2022. 

Because these meat birds are raised  on pasture outside, we have opted to not try to raise any over the winter.

In 2022, our first chicken will be available in June, with more later in the summer and fall.  It sells fast so please message or text your orders.

We do have some frozen chicken available in limited quantity.

We will also have a  limited number of fresh turkeys available for Thanksgiving 2022.  These will need to be reserved and paid for in advance to guarantee your turkey for Thanksgiving.

Fresh, Pasture Raised Chicken

Unsold meat will be frozen after 1 week

Whole Chicken - SOLD OUT

4-6 lbs


Chicken Breasts, 2 per package

boneless skinless


Chicken Thighs, 2 per package

boneless skinless


Chicken Thighs, 2 per package

with bone and skin


Drumsticks, 4 per pack

with bone and skin


Wings, 8 per package



NEW* Whole soup chickens

Smaller and less meaty, perfect for chicken stock


Thanksgiving Turkey

Fresh whole turkey, was ready for pick up October 7, 2021

Turkey was a huge success this year, order early if you would like a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving 2021 as we start planning in the spring.

Whole Turkey, $50 deposit required - SOLD OUT

Expected weight of 14-18 lbs