Pasture Raised Turkey

Pasture Raised Turkey

2024 Update: We  are in the planning mode for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2024, if you want to guarantee availability of a certain size, contact us now!

Thanks so much for everyone who has supported us this year, and if you missed out, consider getting your order in early so we can plan accordingly.

Fresh Turkey available for Thanksgiving!

First batch frozen turkey breast and leg quarters available  for 2024, email for more info.

Price: $5/lb

A deposit of $50 is necessary to reserve your turkey.

Etransfers accepted at

Email, or fill out the form below to order, confirmation of your order will be emailed within 24 hours.  Do not send etransfer until your order has been confirmed.

If you don't hear back from us after submitting a form, please check your junk mail in case our email got lost.  Also just emailing us directly works too!

Whole turkey too big?  We can also arrange a 1/4 turkey if that is more your size! Just ask!

Ground Turkey (~1.5lb package)                                 $15/pk         

Turkey Quarters (3-4 lbs)                                            $25

Turkey Drumsticks (2 per pk)                                     $12

Turkey Wings (4 per pk)                                              $12